Thursday, 10 March 2011

Planner crisis (part trois)

So after many a rambling blog post about my trials with converting to a pocket size and converting back to personal. I'm now dithering again - this time between 3 (yes 3) different planner systems....

Option 1 - the current personal sized week on one page with notes diary format in my Magenta Adelphi
Option 2- a city dweller diary week on one page with spangly notes diary format in my Personal Raspberry Chameleon
Option 3 - week on two pages/day on one page hybrid in my Pocket Deco

Hmmmm. While I have spent many a happy hour this week of an evening transcribing my diary contents into the City Dweller diary format much to the chagrin of Mr P I'm still not sure about which of the three could be a winner so I'm going to run them in tandem for a while and see how I get on. Insane yep, but worth a go surely?


  1. How's the planner thriatlon going? I cannot imagine that you actually take the effort to write everything 3(!) times!
    Nonetheless, I'm very curious about the outcome!

  2. Hi Jotje

    I've abandoned the Personal Domino with the City Dweller diary (that happened about day 2) but I'm forging on ahead with the pocket and personal week on one page with notes formats and that seems (touch wood) to be working well!! Yay