Friday, 4 March 2011

iPad's Log, March 4th 2011

Today I am finally escaping the confines of my home in Weymouth to go out and about with my owner Loulou. As of yet I am unsure where we are headed or what my main tasks may be - we have downloaded the past 2 days editions of The Times newspaper so I'm guessing there will be some train travel involved...

I was right - first stop we are on the train to Bournemouth where Loulou works. So far The Times editions have been skim read (business sections and the articles on iPad 2 have been particular favourites - should I be worried about being replaced?) and some notes taken in Awesome Note - bumpy train journey means the iPad is a better performer than the Filofax in this case Loulou hates messy handwriting.

Hmm so it appears we are landed in the office. Damn chilly outside glad I'm wearing my furry jacket to keep me snug and protected. Also gives me a chance for a little nap as Loulou updates reports and catches up with people.

Second train of the day and I'm back in action, iPod app playing Take That to drown out the annoying background chatter of foreign students and finishing reading of The Times. Coming up appears to be reviewing of some meeting notes and PDF newsletters that are saved in iBooks - I should make carrying vast numbers of books and documents unnecessary (of course Loulou has several magazines alongside her Filofax in the bag today so woe betide anyone trying to snatch that bag it weighs a ton, I mean there's even a spare pair of shoes in there!!)

Quick tube map check, some initial thoughts and notes made in Awesome Note and I'm all set ready for this afternoon's meeting....

So we are at the big London meeting venue where my amazing note taking skills will of course in big demand. Or at least I'll be able to show off my numerous magazine apps - aah the applause, the admiration, I really am a truly magical piece of equipment even my Dad says so (Steve Jobs you are a god).

And we back on the train. Frankly I am a little disappointed in Loulou's use of me during that meeting. I saw no action whatsoever and listening to all those marketing people drone on sent me into quite the deep sleep..but I'm back and ready for action. So up pops Pages and Loulou's written up the notes and thoughts from the meeting quick as you like. The email all prepped and ready to send once we hit wifi land again. Time for a well earned movie break so up comes VLR and Despicable Me - fabulous I've wanted to see this film for ages!

Apparently the film was excellent (yep there was lots of embarrassing laughing - I really don't think I can take Loulou out in public again oh the shame) the right amount of schmaltz and laughs for a train journey. I've been eyed up by several of the suits travelling on the train as well. Of course they may have been eyeing up Loulou ( however more likely that damn laugh kept disturbing them) So the big question - is she going to start watching another movie or read the latest edition of Elle that was downloaded earlier? Either way I'm all set as most impressively I've still got 78% juice remaining - I'm so energy efficient I even surprise myself sometimes!!

Back home in the warm and finally reunited with my wifi signal. Time for some Facebook, Twitter and then a well earned early night.


  1. hehehe.I LOVED this. very clever indeed.
    I hope iPad (and owner) will have a nice nap tonight after such a hard day!

  2. Will your Filofax be doing a similar post?