Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Tastic


So it's the dawn of another week, one which for us does not for the first time in 9 weeks involve driving down to Southampton for a chemo session. So to celebrate this fact here is another Monday Tastic post about all things lovely this week:

1) Big smoke time again - I'm off back up to the big smoke on Wednesday for an all day meeting in central London. Listening to excellent speakers and hearing all about the developments going on at one of my suppliers should be a mega productive, if a very long, day

2) Eek MOT time - while I'm swanning off to London town the brum brum that I batter every day driving to and from Bournemouth (that is a 70 mile round trip, or 350 miles a week, or a massive 16,800 miles a year!)is heading into the garage for a service and MOT. All together now fingers crossed for a good report please

3) New pencil case - I've written before about my passion for Pilot Frixion pens which I have in many many colours. However I tend to loose them in the bottom of my handbag regularly (mainly due to the enormous size of my handbags, I do love to carry everything including the kitchen sink with me just in case) so I ordered one of these gorgeous purple pencil cases via Amazon so I'm looking forward to keeping all my pens together so no longer will I get caught out and not be able to find my favourite orange one. Result :)

4) The return of the Camera - my beloved digital camera was sent back to Nikon recently for repair, I've only had her since last summer but when we got back from Las Vegas we found that lots of our photos taken in bright sunshine had these horrible lines all over them - ruining many of our shots. So finally I got around to posting it back off to Nikon. Well this weekend I got an email that she was all fixed and had been despatched back to me hurrah! No more crappy blog photos taken with my iPhone camera and just in time for photo taking at Mr P's return gig with Hybird, super hurrah!!

5) Zumba...I know so many ladies that now go to these classes and love it. Just last week my bestie Mrs L attended her first class and loved it so having done some investigation and found that just around the corner a class is held on a Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday evening at a time I can make (I don't get home from work until 7pm at the earliest normally) I think I am going to check it out. Having done no exercise for ages now I'm keen to get back on the waggon and this seems a great, fun way to give it a go! Wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a good week


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  1. Cool - let me know how the Zumba goes hun, have seen DVDs advertised but not braved it yet s need something I can do on my own without getting bored... :o) LJx