Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Midweek Madness

Image (Tip of the day: do not EVER search hump day in google images it really is terrifying!)
So here we are hump day already - another week flying past at breakneck speed - cue mutterings like "ooh aren't policemen getting younger" and "I don't know where the time goes" and "I remember when" anyway I digress....

So it is midweek, the point where we start looking forward towards the weekend while reviewing the To Do list from the start to see how we are progressing along. Whether that be the never ending work list or the even bigger list of chores and errands we all do everyday. For me it's been a productive week thus far with lots (for now) completed at work regarding plans/budgets although in marketing that is the easy part - making the plans into reality, hitting the deadlines and targets is the hard bit. But also the most satisfying. You have to be an obsessive list and spreadsheet addict to work in direct marketing otherwise you'd never know whether you were coming or going!!

This week I was aiming to not spend money on things I don't really need and start trying to save some money every month (of course allowing a budget for the Philofaxy meet up at the end of March I have a feeling this lovely group of enablers and me in a Filofax store will equal a very expensive day in London!!). This new frugal facing week has not gone to plan and I've not only been tempted by the online Filofax store, but also made the mistake of venturing onto eBay and into Beales (department store down here on the south coast) where there was a 20% off sale. Oops.

However my haul this week has included:

I've actually got the black one - but how cute is the pink!

1 - Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case.
A soft, squishy, padded case of lushness to transport my iPad out and about. I do already have a case for my lovely iPad, a practical one, with sticky up flap to make typing easier and solid external protection but it does leave the iPads corners exposed to the elements in my handbag (a deadly environment, just ask Mr P) and until Mr P's case arrives he has been borrowing it when transporting his iPad out and about on hospital trips and the like. So having spotted this little beauty being sold on eBay starting at just £1.04 I couldn't resist a little bid and oops I bought it...with a very satisfying saving of more than half price compared to retail. It is a complete sleeve with super soft padding inside and a nice secure zip to make sure my iPad remains in one piece while I'm gallivanting around.

2 - Pocket day on one page diary and Gourmet Gift box.
The diary I mention in my post here and I've read so many posts about the Gourmet card and gift box pack I figured I'd be stupid not to buy it. With the City Dweller diary insert (worth £17) and the card (worth I think about £50 - I got a bit confused on the website) the box pack being only £35 is a super bargain - or as I put it Oooh way to get a free Filofax (oh yes did I mention the Grape Domino is included)

Wallis top (really pretty in person)

3 - Spring-tastic wardrobe additions.
So while sashaying through our local department store (yes the huge 20% off banners in the windows might have lured me in) I spotted the cutest pink and grey top with beading and a pale blue blouse. Both perfect for work and are not in my winter "uniform" of black hurrah. Shame its currently absolutely freezing here today and they have virtually no chance of seeing the light of day for weeks, but I'm prepared for when spring finally makes an appearance.

Wallis shirt - only mine is in blue!

So not too bad in the overall scheme of things but a big massive oops when I'm supposed to be saving. Ah well, there's always next month!

Here's hoping I make it through the rest of the week without any further accidental purchases...well unless of course that personal Ivory Deco pops up somewhere half price

How are you all doing this hump day?


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  1. Ooohhh, I so want the Gourmet Gift box and have desperately tried to justify but cant .....YET... that is, still trying though! :-)