Sunday, 13 March 2011

Slimline Adelphi = The Travel Fax, obvious no?

My Paris Travel Survival Kit

So when I was browsing the internet the other day looking at stationery (I'm an addict what can I say) I very nearly bought a leather travel journal from Papernation thinking how perfect it would be for my (hopeful) travels this year (see here). Then it dawned on me I had the perfect thing already in my Filo cupboard - my slimline Damson Adelphi.

The rings are too small for me to use as my everyday Filofax (I mean come on have you seen how chunky that is?) and it is such a shame not use it as it so lovely. The Adelphi diamond pattern makes opening the binder really tactile to the touch and inside the really useful inside flap covered pocket will be handy for storing receipts and cards. I can have maps and notes and lists for packing oh the organisational joys...

So how have I set it up I hear you cry. Well....ta da:

First up is a clear pocket - currently just housing some more New York shots but will soon hopefully have some gorgeous pics of Paris and skiing as well as other destinations I wish to visit. I want this to be my inspirational section full of shots from beautiful places and destinations.

My dividers were the plain ones that came with my recent Gourmet card Domino pack purchase which I've customised with the sticky blue tabs and my pink sharpie. Current sections are:

This will hold all the essential information for a trip - Flint numbers and times, train details, hotel information etc etc. Plus some Day Planner sheets for those sight seeing days where you need to pack in lots of stops

In this section will be all my pre travel ideas - places to visit, things to see in each place etc. Then while I am in said destination this is where I'll note all the things we did and saw and enjoyed.

Gratuitous Lamy Fountain Pen Shot
To Do
Clearly in this section will be all the lists of things I need remember to do regards the trip

This section contains budget and expenses sheets so I can track my planned spending compared with what I actually spend (accidental handbag purchases, excessive coffee consumption hehe)

This section currently has the commuter game sheets from the City Dweller pack ready for any tedious journeys

This final section houses my packing lists, world maps, time zone information that we get at the front of every new diary (well I may have to do some shopping while I'm away. You know, help the economy and all that!)

I'm really looking forward to using and tweaking this set up over the next few months both in planning trips and hopefully actually going on some.

The Damson colour will also work really well with some of my other travel essentials:

  1. My Tabitha Travel Wallet (an Amazon bargain!)
  2. My Filofax Passport cover (a birthday gift from work)
  3. My Mar by Marc Jacobs change purse (a stunning gift from Mr P when he was in the USA for work)
  4. 1. My stunning Tabitha travel wallet, so soft and luxurious
    1. Inside it has spaces for all your essentials: tickets, credit cards, passport etc
    2. I'll never loose my Passport in my handbag in this lush cover
    3. Girlie pink Marc by Marc Jacobs gorgeousness
So there is my new Travel Fax, have any of you got similar set ups? Or do you use a dedicated journal when you are away?



  1. Great use of your slimline. I spent yesterday setting up my lavender Domino as a travel fax using the travel pack for my trip to Trinidad in 2 weeks' time. It was so much fun! I will post pics later in the week. When are you planning to go to Paris? It is an amazing city. I need to take DH as surprisingly he has just driven past and never been!

  2. Hi CP

    Not sure yet when we are planning on going to Paris, originally it was May but all depends on Mr P's treatment schedule which is still up in the air. It will definitely be outside school holidays though so if not May maybe September/October when we celebrate our birthdays/anniversary etc. I've been once before but for work and a trade show about 12 years ago and never got to see any of the sights so am really excited :)

    Looking forward to seeing your pics of the Trinidad travel fax (and of the lavender Domino of course)x

  3. That's such a brilliant idea! I wanted an excuse to buy a new Filofax and you just gave me one:-)I love how you orginised it. Journeys are fun but they can be stressful as well with a planning system like this nothing con go wrong.

  4. Thanks Angeliki

    I'm a sucker for lists and this way they are all in one place along with the ability to journal everything as well :0)

    Besides you can never have enough Filofaxes