Friday, 11 February 2011

Things I Love Friday

A view of Glastonbury Festival 2010 - the sunshine was amazing!!

So it has hurtled round again and wooohooo it's Friday! This week has been a strange one, what with a v poorly feeling Mr P, mega hectic work schedule, slight anger management issues (more of that to come in a later post) and abysmal weather. But being the beacon of positivity I am here are the Things I Love this Friday...

1. SUNSHINE - just in time for me getting home from work today at lunchtime the rain ceased and out popped the sun. (I had to look it up in google just to make sure it has been so long) Doesn't everything seem so much better when the sun shines? Almost time to crack out the flip flops and wedges again HURRAH. So inspired was I by the reappearance that I dug out the photo above to maintain the sunny joy after the clouds came back over!!

2. EATING - this week has been a difficult food week for Mr P and therefore me. He has the nausea I get the earache (only joking, I get that all the time) Anyway with the Big Battle (see here) currently going on there are days where he is extra sensitive to smell/texture etc etc. So this week I have been banished to eating my tea in the kitchen, door closed, windows open - and this is having salad and bread - not even mildly stinky cheese. But along with the sunshine it seems Mr P's appetite has returned so I may be liberated from the kitchen and allowed to eat again RESULT!!

3. FRIENDS - my friends are amazing. They are there when you need them, rally round in a crisis and say the most hilarious things to cheer you up when you are stressed or angry. Love you all :0)

4. VALENTINE'S DAY - I know I'm a very lucky loved up lady and even though this year we won't be going out for dinner and the such it will still be an occasion to cherish and celebrate just being together. But I think Valentine's day is also about showing your friends and family how much you love them too. So even if you are single embrace all your loved ones and lets celebrate life on Monday in all its shapes and guises.

5. NEW FILOFAXES - OMG I think I actually squealed when I saw this post on Philofaxy about new binders, notebooks and colours. I can't wait to see what new styles and colours are available and especially if any of them will be out in time for the Philofaxy meet up in March (squeaaaaaal) I may be a total stationery nerd but hey everyone needs a hobby!!

So that's my Top 5 Things I Love Friday. What's yours?


p.s. Beyonce for Glasto - I may be in the minority but WOW I'm really excited to see what she does. Bet it will be an awesome close to the festival....

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