Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pocket vs Personal - the challenge continues

So quick recap - I've been a diehard Filofax fan for AGES and especially of the Personal size. Plenty of room, flexible, lush range of inserts and binders.

But on the cons, heavy, bulky and do I really need to carry everything around with me?

So I splurged (in the sale) on a Pocket Deco in Ivory. It is stunning, gorgeous. BUT IT'S TOO SMALL.....

It's not easy to write in the spaces, note pages are difficult to use too (in comparison with the Personal) I miss my week on one page/notes format diary, the Day Planner pages, the proper sized stickers, my coloured dividers.....

Help I'm wavering. How do you use your Pocket? Is it really going to work for me? Shall I admit defeat and revert back to the Personal and if I do what on earth can I use the Deco for?



  1. oh noooooo! I guess you have tried it for long enough to know that it isnt working. I always felt that the pocket might be too small for you. Swap back to your lovely Chameleon for daily use and maybe use the deco as a travel filofax as you have mentioned having amazing travel plans for this year. You could even get the filo travel pack! :-) All is not lost!

  2. Oooh now that is a good idea! Plus she won't get too beaten up either...CP you are a genius!!

  3. Or you could sell it on Ebay (where I'm sure it would still make good money!) and save towards a Personal Deco that you would really love to use. If the complete Deco range is really being phased out (apparently it's no longer included in next years catalog), I'm sure FF will put it on sale again by the end of this year.