Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday Positivity

So inspired by Mr P and his Positive Thinking blog post here are my Top Thankful Things for Thursday

1 - Heavy Rain - yes I got drenched walking to the office, yes my feet squelched in my probably ruined shoes BUT it does mean I can put off washing the car for another week as she's not looking quite so filthy = :0)

2 - Tesco - currently my second home after work as I nip in to try and purchase anything that might entice Mr P to eat but as well as all the food you could ever need they sell cool stuff too - so I have a nice new top to wear to work tomorrow therefore no ironing needed = :0)

3 - BBC iPlayer iPad App - watching BBC telly on the iPad in bed wayhey nothing more to say other than come on C4 and ITV players follow suit please = :0)

4 - Half day Fridays - where I work we have a half day every Friday. This is more than amazing it's unbelievable - still - after nearly 2 and a half years that doesn't loose its appeal and at the moment it's even more fab as it means I'll be home to annoy Mr P by 2pm = :0)

5 - Spectacles - since purchasing my new posh specs at the end of last year I've been regularly giving the eyeballs a rest wearing my bottle tops instead. And I feel tres glam and intelligent while wearing them - until I open the oven and steam up granted but I have much healthier eyes than I ever used to = :0)

So there are 5 little things I'm thankful for today - it's not an exciting list but these are the simple pleasures that make me smile. What about you, what little things make your everyday that little but better?

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