Friday, 25 February 2011

Things I Love Friday....

So Monday flew by so quickly I totally missed it! To make up for that here is a Things I Love Friday for a Friday morning!!

1. Holiday Planning
This week I have been perusing the pages of my new Lonely Planet guide to Paris that arrived from Amazon last week in anticipation of a weekend in Paris in May and reading up on Whistler in Canada using the Whistler Traveller App and the Whistler website. I have so many lists in my Filofax of things to do in each place, packing lists, things to buy for skiing (um everything from trousers to thermals) and savings plans for squirreling away the pennies to pay for it all. After the grim start to this year having these lovely trips to look forward to and plan has made getting through these winter months so much easier.

2. Del Monte Fruitini Pineapple Pots
I found these on Monday in Tesco in the fresh fruit aisle in the chiller (where they keep chopped melon and the like) and they are delish. I am trying really hard to inject more fruit and veg into my diet which is quite difficult in the evenings with Mr P and his strange eating habits at the moment. So I am endeavouring to eat more good stuff during the day and these easy to transport pots of fresh pineapple which are remarkably good value make that so much easier - I mean hacking apart a fresh pineapple at the moment is too time consuming for a Monday evening!!

3. My Gorgeous Valentines Flowers
Yes I know I mentioned these last week but since then all the lilies have come out so when I get up in the morning the whole house smells delicious and they look amazing. And considering they've been going for over a week and half impressive staying power for a bunch of flowers too ;0)

4. Twitter
I have been on Twitter for a while (follow me @Ninny279) but the past week I've started following a lot more people and magazines and read some fascinating articles and had some hilarious conversations. I am particularly liking Stylist and their cover story debate this week on the lost art of living in the now I even commented on the story and they tweeted about it!! Wired's twitter feed also highlights a lot of interesting articles and news stories - computer chip in the eye anyone? I am trying to tweet more too - although I appear to be so boring I'm not sure it is worth people reading but hey this is Twitter unfollow me if you no likey.

5. Debating a Filofax diary change????
Returning to my Chameleon - personal sized Filofax planning once more has been an utter joy all that space. BUT I do miss the gorgeousness of the Deco. But the pocket experiment didn't work and Deco is going to be relegated to being a travel Filofax with lists of to do's and sees the such like - but then I had an email from Filofax that the pocket City Dweller pack was back in stock. Could that work in a Personal size for me? Maybe I should order the Gourmet Gift Box as blogged about by Caribbean Princess here and see what the personal size version is like? As the Gourmet card and the diary means you get the binder for free wayhey....The search for the perfect planning system continues!

So what was good for you this week?


  1. On Ebay there were quite a few Gourmet Gift Boxes offered during the past weeks. For virutally next to nothing (if you live in the UK that is ...).
    Still think you should just get the Personal Deco before they are all sold out! (sorry bout that ... ;-)).

  2. Ooh you are such a bad influence...I am nowing having panic attacks thinking what happens if all the Personal Decos sell out!!!!

    Nooooooooooooooo must not buy (while they are full price, anyone got a discount code?)