Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Workwear Wednesday : The Proposal

I do love a good romcom and in my humble opinion Sandra Bullock is the queen of the genre, I mean just look at her back catalogue...2 Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality, While You Were Sleeping and my absolute favourite The Proposal!

If you haven't seen this movie I urge you to check it out NOW! I love everything about this movie, the characters, the male lead - hello Ryan Reynolds!! The cast also includes the fabulous ex Golden Girl Betty White and the glorious Mary Steenburgen who I simply adore and should be in every movie if possible!!

Anyway the plot of this movie focuses on a high flying publishing exec (Sandra) and her assistant (Ryan) and when her work visa expires needs to secure her citizenship so decides to marry her assistant whether he wants to or not (a promotion may just have swung the deal!!) Anyway long story short they end up at his home in Alaska and guess what....they fall in love! Everyone say aaah.    

Throughout the whole movie Sandra's wardrobe is impeccable - from Manhattan Chic to her Alaskan snuggly warm layers...the perfect workwear and casual wear I mean just look at the gorgeous suiting in this the promotional shot:

The neatly tailored perfect black suit and those gorgeous shoes! I'm shallow we know this (see previous posts!!) This 50's style coat all full skirt and nipped in belted waist is just perfection - especially with that Hermes bag on her arm and the statement sunnies!

And the bag in this shot below - hello perfect slouchy leather buttery tan makes me want to dig through my bag collection and see if I can't find that perfect one (even though I know it isn't alert time!) I'm all about the accessories they just escalate a plain outfit into something awesome!


Of course there are moments where a perfect little black suit just won't cut it and this comfy colourful sweater + scarf is a pretty ensemble that screams co-ordinated casual!

Hurrah for hump day hope you are all having a good week!!



  1. I can see these posts of yours making me buy some grown up clothes and stop wearing my jeans to work... lol :-)

    1. I would love to be able to wear all of these to work - the current mud pit situation in the car park and outside my office due to the incessant rain means I more often than not end up wearing wellies though :( xx