Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday wants: the fur gilet

Is it a gilet, a vest or even a waistcoat?? I've seen lots of these over the years but now I'm obsessed!! I mean completely inappropriate with the current permanent wet weather system we have in the UK with constant torrential rain - I'd end up looking more like a soggy wet hound than the glamorous vixen image they convey to me but I just think they are so chic!

3 groundrules:

  1. Must be faux fur - I feel that goes without saying but was horrified to end up on a site selling real fur for just £40 or so...I do wear leather and eat meat so maybe I'm hypocritical but wearing fur would be a step too far for me (as for angora the recent PETA videos being shared everywhere make me so glad I can't wear wool! Man made fibres all the way for me!!)
  2. Ideally it would be black - I love wearing black, it suits me, it's glamorous and it goes with EVERYTHING. If I'm trying out a new trend (well for me it is) then it has to be a classic colour so that I'm testing the concept not whether I suit yeti white...but maybe grey or natural could work..
  3. It has to be hip length I love that layered look

So here are 3 of my  favourites I've spied online while perusing the post Christmas sales:

It's black, it's the right length and it is a very reasonable £29.99 in the sale, but I'm not sure about the belt or the snuggle factor  (it's a thing honest!)...


White Stuff
Ok so its not black but grey but it looks rather snuggly and warm and soft and strokeable....oh and it is on sale for just £52.50 what's not to love?

French Connection
More expensive and appalling styling in my opinion on the site as you really can't tell what the item actually looks like, that aside it looks a great length and super soft but it's twice the price of the others....

Are you a faux fur gilet type of gal or is all too fuzzy for you?



  1. I am a huge gilet fan! I own a ridiculous number of them! I'm not a fan of faux fur though, so I don't own any of those. I like knit ones and down ones :) Fat Face make nice down gilets.

  2. Hi Millie, snap I have a Fat Face one which I love so snuggly warm and great for cold dry days (although over here we've not had many of those recently it has just been rain, rain and more rain!!) Lx