Sunday, 19 January 2014

Schedule Sunday # 2

Wow where did that week go? Admittedly I spent most of the week thinking it was Friday and it is always upsetting when you then wake up and realise it is only Wednesday but even so the past 7 days have disappeared in flash!! I'm guessing because it was such a busy one....

Super crazy busy work stuff

I am super busy at work at the moment as we gear up for the start of the Peak season...with signage/creative/leaflet/poster/planning and website briefs coming out of my ears I am forever making lists and notes just to try and make sure I don't miss any deadlines or forget something vital!! Thank goodness for post it notes is all I can say this week :)

A very late Cornish Christmas

With the weather and bouts of flu scuppering any plans over the festive season we finally made it down to visit the hubs family to exchange presents and catch up! I love visiting them in Cornwall, not only are the nicest people but where they live is just amazing - definitely somewhere I would love to live one day!

Bargainous Pizza Deliciousness

On Tuesday night the hubs and I went to The Stable in Weymouth for dinner. For some reason we tend to visit The Stable lots in summer and then neglect to visit over the winter months (maybe it is our age or the vile weather meaning we hibernate more) but a colleague had mentioned (a lot) their fabulous Tuesday night offer of any pizza and a beverage for £10! What a bargain so we trotted off through torrential rain for some delicious eats. If you are unfamiliar with The Stable they serve homemade pizzas, pies and salads with locally sourced ingredients. They now have several restaurants over the South West and originated in Bridport - if you ever get the chance to visit one I highly recommend as they are very tasty, have friendly staff and the cider tasting challenge (5 half pints of different local ciders) is a great start to a meal / night out!! I ordered the Joe Gundry which includes smoked mackrel, smoked salmon and fresh spinach among the toppings YUM and the hubs had a Longhorn Jim and announced this was his favourite ever. I think the combo of chorizo, beef and ham helped - total carnivore my husband!

Snow lust

For the past 2 Januarys I've been lucky enough to go skiing with a terrific group of people. The first year I went I was total novice and had never skied before and trotted off to Whistler in Canada to see if I could learn to like the sport. My hubs is a huge fan and had blackmailed persuaded me to go along and at least try. Up until that holiday I was absolutely that person who thought spending so much money to be cold on holiday was utter madness. But after a lot of lessons and a few mishaps I came back completely converted....Fast forward to January 2013 and I spent a week in Les Arcs where I could still remember how to get down a mountain (winner!!) unfortunately due to the wedding/honeymoon in Maui the disposable funds simply weren't there to join the GSD crew this year who have returned again to the incredible resort of Whistler. We are beyond jealous, especially as while we stalk the resort through their webcams we can see that the weather is all clear blue skies and sunshine. There is talk of a possible late season trip potentially being an option and with the Winter Olympics looming (and even Channel 4's Jump programme) getting me even more ski obsessed I think I can safely say I've got the bug!!

Grown up thoughts

This week was also the week I started to think properly about long term futures (yawn). With a new pension and share save scheme launching at work I'm finally at the ripe old age of 36 starting to think about the FUTURE eek. Normally my long term spending projects are more handbag based but maybe now I'm an old married lady I'm starting to become more sensible!! Surely not? But if I want that Cornwall move I'd best get my savings on...

The week ahead

This week will mainly be consisting of working, a couple of Webinars as I try to improve myself and a long overdue hair appointment on Saturday! After which I will hopefully be seeing the lovely Mrs L for a massively overdue Christmas present drop off (worst godmother ever 'tis me)

Hope you have all had a good week I'd love to hear about it!!


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