Sunday, 5 January 2014

A new blogging schedule for 2014

Following on from my last post I've been doing quite a lot of thinking about my blog and what direction I want to take it in! Don't worry the same sort of ramblings will occur but I want to try and be a bit more organised with my posting (I mean lets face it 2013 was a fail in terms of regular content wasn't it!) so here is my plan:

Sundays are going to be called Schedule Sunday - this is where I'll post about my more random thoughts, what I have coming up and inspiration for the week ahead as well as reviewing what I did or didn't achieve in the week prior!

Wednesdays are going to be a new feature following on from several previous posts called Workwear Wednesday - now this may sound boring but this is the new "fashiony" section of the blog. I've realised I spend a lot of time as I think lots of others do taking style inspirations from TV shows or films whether it be consciously or sub-consciously. So in the aim of finding my style groove in 2014 as I lurch precariously towards my 4th decade in 4 years I wanted to start my own fashion area on my blog :)

Following on with my love of alliteration I'm going to start a regular Filofax Friday feature. As you will know if you've read my blog before I adore my Filofaxes, I have (far) too many and I tend to swop them out to change according to the time of year and the seasons as well as what I have going on in my life. The first couple of Filofax Fridays will focus on my current set up and the binders that I am using (currently 3: A5 Osterley in Grey for work, Personal Adelphi in Magenta for everything and a Pocket Imperial Purple Finchley for a smaller, travel friendly, on the go binder!) so if you are a Filofax buff keep your eyes peeled next week for that.

Amongst these regular posts there will be random additions including monthly favourites, handbag features, study planning and organisation, work planning and organisation, travel guides and recommendations/planning and mutterings about anything else that takes my fancy! I mean this is my little space on the interweb isn't it so I'm going to write about what I love!!

I hope you all enjoy the more regular posting and I hope that I can build back the followers and communication that I used to have before my blogging mojo vamooshed and I stopped writing! Here's to 2014


p.s keep a look out there's a blog redesign coming too, well New Year, New Mojo = New Style....

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