Sunday, 12 January 2014

Schedule Sunday # 1

Welcome to the first Schedule Sunday post! This is where I'm going to ramble on about my past week as well as what is coming up in a hopefully entertaining way :)

I had a funny week this week:

A bit of a makeover

The hubs spent a lot of time redesigning the blog to give it a fresh makeover - and doesn't it look good?? There were a couple of iterations along the way but I'm in love with the new look and I hope you like it, what do you think? I'd love to know in the comments.

A fashion blogger?

I was contacted by BBC Radio West Midlands regarding the financial results of Marks and Spencers - they were going to be discussing the results live on air and had seen my previous posts about M&S fashion (see here and here) and wondered if I would agree to be one of the interviewees on their morning radio show. This was odd as a) I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger b) I don't live in the West Midlands and c) I'm no expert in fashion retailing! But like most people I have an opinion on M&S and especially their clothing (well everyone loves their food right?) so I thought why not? The segment was fine I was interviewed alongside a bona fide retail expert and I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself plus it certainly made for an interesting start to my Thursday morning!!

Thai via Nandos
Last night the hubs and I decided to venture out for dinner, he's been craving Nandos for a while now so we trekked over to our nearest one (about a 15 minute drive) unfortunately being Saturday night it was heaving and the wait was nearly an hour. Hunger won out and we decided to investigate a Thai restaurant I've walked past more times than I can remember but never been in. And I'm so glad we did!! The atmosphere was super relaxed and the food was incredibly good and excellent value, the service was slow but overall this was a big win from an impromptu night out!!

The Good Wife Obsession
I wrote on Wednesday about my current obsession with the American TV show The Good Wife (see here) well I've managed this week to watch the entire first season (I LOVE Netflix!!!!!) and I've started Season 2 it's just addictive. I love the characters, the scenarios, the escapism of thinking if only I'd gone to law school this could've been me (just go with it it's escapism remember) for a nice change the female characters are especially well rounded and realistically written. Plus I'm totally drooling over their office attire, shallow but true!!

Planning blog posts the Loulou way

My Filofax Blog Planning Section
As the blog is now a key focus area for me I thought I'd share my blog post planning organisation...that makes it sound posher than it is but what I have done is set aside a section in my Filofax for blog planning. There is a specific tab in my Projects sections that is just for my blog schedule, ideas about future posts and notes about the blog. I have the Projects section right at the front of my binder, ahead of my calendars as I refer to it a lot and want it easily accessible. I then write in my calendar (Week on one page with notes) the posts and whether they are scheduled or to be written this way I know what is planned and what is yet to write or completed already! With a New Year Resolution to keep I'm aiming to be super organised with the blog to fit it around working full time as well.

The week ahead

Coming up this week I have LOTS on at work, I love this part of my job the planning, the presentations, the thinking's my favourite part of marketing. Identifying who the customer is and how I can target them and make them to make the rest of the week easier I'm trying to be organised and do 2 things:

  1. Meal Plan: the hubs and I are rubbish sometimes and thinking of what to have for dinner so this week I'm trialling a new system (well not new as such but I've not done it for ages) and planning out our meals for the week! I've just ordered the Knock Knock Meal Planner from Amazon ideally I wanted the magnetised version to stick on the fridge but I can just use magnets to attach the sheets once completed!! Tuesday we are planning a night out but apart from that I'm going to plan out some favourites and a newbie to try....
  2. Wardrobe Plan: I've tweeted these before, I do find it easier to plan what I'm wearing in advance so I don't spend wasted time in the mornings wondering where an item is (or having to iron things ugh I hate ironing!!) Considering the monsoon like conditions Dorset has been having it's all about practical footwear and warm layers...not glamorous but completely essential!

So there we are the first Schedule Sunday, it goes to show I certainly still have the ability to ramble that's for sure! I'd love to know what you are all up to over the upcoming week!!


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