Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday Wants: the perfect black jumper

I think I've mentioned I can usually be found wearing very simply, classic pieces rather than anything too edgy or fashion forward - I like to feel smart, put together and most of all comfortable!!

This means that quite often when I become fixated on something it is either something practical (hello perfect belted puffa coat I mean you) or something the majority of people I'm sure find incredible boring. This ramble nicely introduces a post all about black jumpers...The perfect black jumper for me needs to be a wool free zone, an annoying intolerance to wool against my skin (it just makes me itch no matter how soft the garment) means I'm always on the look out for any non wool supersoft jumpers I can find!

My favourite stores for these tend to be my usual high street suspects - Warehouse, Oasis and the conglomerate of all things Debenhams. I'm searching for the perfect relaxed crew neck/almost slashed neck, relaxed fit/slouchy but smart jumper. One that can be "poshed up" with a statement necklace for smart/casual days with friends but can also double as a smart workwear piece with tailored separates and minimal bling...not wanting much then I guess!

A couple of my favourites at the moment:

A Warehouse zipper shoulder number

I really like the slouchyness look of this and the zips do have a nod to an edgier design than I would normally go for. I hate the styling with the shirt underneath and the zips mean no statement necklace potentially but the length and the overall look seem good...and it could definitely double up for work and casual wear

The Very longline petite sweater


I don't normally shop at Very but in a recent video by YouTuber MissBudgetBeauty on her Spendaholic channel comparing Ugg boots compelled me to check out their online site. While doing so I was very tempted by a sweater dress that says Pow (cool eh!) but I also saw this bargain, longline, v-neck but not too low and with long sleeves -all for £16 I figure it could be worth a try...

And finally the Oasis sweater/blouse conundrum

And then there is this lovely item from Oasis. It's half blouse (sleeves) and half jumper. It doesn't really match the brief at all other than looking slouchy and pretty cool but there's just something about it that calls to me. Don't think I'll be trying the plaited hair crown thing tho, I'm not a fan of that I have to say!

So there we go, the hunt continues for now. Are you a fan of the simple black jumper or do you prefer a more statement looking knit? Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear if you like my choices or if these are just too boring for you! Lxx

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