Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Workwear Wednesday: The Good Wife inspiration

Welcome to the first Workwear Wednesday post! These posts are going to be all about stealing style tips from TV or film characters that provide inspirational wardrobes as well as captivating watching!!

So for the first one I'm channeling inspiration from my current TV show obsession The Good Wife! If you haven't caught this show it centers around the life of Alicia Florrick, the wife of a former state attorney who has been sent to prison for corruption (after sleeping with a bevvy of escorts as well to boot!) and is on Netflix - back to back episodes...bliss!!

Anyway I digress, to make a living now her husband is in jail Alicia, played by the stunning Julianna Margulies best known previously from ER, has had to go back out to work as a lawyer starting at the bottom as a Junior Associate. Her wardrobe consists of great suits, amazing separates, a fabulous range of jackets and very stylish lounge wear always with a very Nigella Lawson-esque blow dry and immaculate make up. Plus her range of heels and handbags are pretty fab too (yes I'm shallow I love me some good accessories!!)

So here are some of my favourite looks from the previous few seasons (and if you haven't caught any episodes then I suggest you hotfoot it over to Netflix and start watching!!) So my inspiration for this week is to start rocking some cute jacket and trouser combinations, even if the stiletto heels will have to stay in the wardrobe as they don't mix with my muddy workplace, shame though I have some rocking heels just dying to head out of my wardrobe!!

A classic cream suit number for court:

 Loving this grey and black number and the hint of a statement necklace:
 4 fabulous ladies all rocking amazing ensembles:
 Another fantastic grey jacket - the nipped in tailoring is just perfect especially with black base layers:
 But finally if you need to kick ass in court a red power jacket rocks it all the way:
So there we go, my first Wednesday post hope there's some inspiration in there for you I know there is lots for me!!


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