Sunday, 26 January 2014

Schedule Sunday # 3

Well another week flashed past in a nanosecond...I think this must be a sign of getting old!! It was another hectic one here in Loulouland...

Passporting away

So since getting married in September I've been slowly but surely working my way through the gigantic list of things I needed to change my name on - from my driving license, bank cards, work documents, email addresses the list is never ending! One of the most costly (and complicated!!) is the changing of the passport! Handily mine was due for renewal in November this year so I needed to update it anyway - 4 forms later (LONG story involving out of date forms(!) coffee and day dates in month columns!) I finally had the Post Office confirmation and off it went - roughly 3 weeks and I should have my new passport with shocking photo back and ready to start planning some trips!!

Housing to go

Also since getting married Mr P and I have been discussing the need to move to a larger abode. I confess it is mainly my handbag, shoes and clothing that takes up all the room but we'd like to upgrade from our 2 bedroom to at least a 3 if not 4 bedroom house! That way we can have some room each plus an actual spare room for guests! The only problem is finding a nice new house that meets all of our criteria that doesn't cost ridiculous amounts. We want to stay on "our side of town" and for some reason the prices here are a good £50k more than in other areas...handily it looks like a spangly new development might have just got the go ahead on our doorstep which if so would be perfection!! Fingers crossed it makes it...

Catching up with my bestie
I finally made it out of my hometown and on to visit my bestie Mrs L and my goddaughters with their Christmas presents - we were both so frantic pre Christmas and with the floods/weather/storms etc since we've not managed to meet up but finally we did on Saturday afternoon! It was lovely to see them and now I've managed to see them I'm all enthused to get out and about more. It is so easy when the winter sets in to hibernate in our little seaside abode but I really need to get out more and catch up with my lovely friends before they forget who I am!!

Yet more rain.......

Despite a couple of days where the sun peeked out the overall week has again been wet and miserable here in the UK. I am so bored of dodging puddles on my way into work and coming home covered in mud....surely it must be time for either Spring or at least a cold dry snap??

A cheeky Nandos
Earlier in the week we paid an unplanned but very delicious trip to our local Nandos, Mr P finally got the new style loyalty card (we still have a whole chicken on the old one to eat on our next visit too!) and I remember just why the Piri piri chips are so darned good - it may be a type of fast food but man is it yum!!

So that was January week 4 - other exciting notables were payday (always a joy in January as it feels like it takes forever to get there!!) rediscovering a handbag and falling back in love with it's spacious gorgeousness (gotta have a big bag during the day) and starting season 3 of the Good Wife (yep still obsessed with that show!)

The week ahead has another bestie's birthday, the promise of dinner out and the lure of planning a weekend to Bath soon so it should be a good one!

Hope you are all looking forward to the week ahead!


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  1. I'm really bored of this weather too! I seem to live in my waterproof coat - not very fashionista! Hope to see you in Yard soon
    Abbi x