Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hello 2014....what's new for Mrs P?

So it is the first day of 2014 and while the weather (wet, windy and a bit more wet) seems stuck in 2013 it's a good day to reflect on 2013 but also plan for some exciting things in the upcoming year ahead!

In terms of New Years Resolutions it's a short and sweet list for me this year - after all the excitement of getting married and visiting Hawaii in 2013 I wanted to focus on improving myself and becoming healthier and achieving some long term goals this year:

1) Start blogging regularly again! 
I miss blogging! One of my greatest pleasures is waffling on about nonsense in my little space on the interbob but I didn't seem to get my groove going last year - in my drafts folder are masses of unfinished posts but a new year means a new start! So thinking about about what I love includes of course planning, organisation and my Filofax, books and magazines - I love reading but don't do it enough, handbags and maybe even some random beauty posts! As well as some home improvement and studying posts...

2) Start writing my "novel"
When I first started blogging it was in part to see if I could develop a writing style because I'd love to know if one day the random plot lines and characters I have whirling around my head could ever make it into a cohesive I have started to put together a plan of how I could make the fiction in my head into fiction on a page!

3) Cycle around the Isle of Wight
This came out of a conversation with my good friend Mr T about me having not visited the IOW other than for the festival. So what could be better than cycling around (probably from pub to pub) seeing beautiful scenery while burning off all the ice cream with some friends?

4) Eat my "5 a day" 
Like many people I think, I veer between being really good at making sure my diet contains lots of fruits and vegetables and then periods where I don't seem to eat any! So for 2014 I really want to make myself focus on being healthier and including vegetables and fruits EVERY DAY not just some of the days :)

5) Train for and complete a 10k
This year I (sort of) trained for and ran a 5k for the Race for Life but since then I've done virtually nothing in terms of exercise so a new year means a new start so time to get my (larger than it was) ass back into some regular exercise programme! Cardio tennis and spinning plus some running is the way forward....

6) Save, save and save some more
Next year Mr P and I are considering that a house move could be on the cards to somewhere with a bit more room so to do that I need to reign in my shopping addiction and try to focus more on saving those pennies. I also plan on finally sell those things I don't use that we have cluttering up our cosy abode so that money can also go into the pot! I saw today on Instagram (follow me I'm @Louloudorset to see pics of my life and especially my cat!!) the #2014closetremixchallenge by @jen_murph where there's a shopping ban (eeeek) and you only use the items in your closet - remixing them to create all new looks. Now I have a LOT of clothes but am one of those people that always feels like I have nothing to wear so I'm hoping this will motivate me big time to a) wear more of my wardrobe and b) prove to myself that I do not need to shop!!

So that's it, my goals for 2014, a framework of positive affirmations to work on improving myself with....are you willing to share yours? Do you set resolutions or do you not believe in them?

Much love to you all for 2014 



  1. Good to see you back :-) No resolutions as such here - I'm still working my way through my 101 (I think I may run out of time), but I will be changing some of them again soon to reflect my attempts at being more healthy - including adding in P90X3, which I started on Monday - word of today? Ouch!!! lol x

    1. Thanks Lj :) it's good to be back! I've seen that you've started the P90X3 the word of the week to describe you could be crazy no? I'm so impressed with the 101 you've achieved so much!!! Lx