Friday, 21 October 2011

Paris, a city of romance, culture and surprises

So my last post about our recent weekend away in Paris was incredibly wordy. This one is pretty much all pictures, this way I figure they balance each other out. However you really should scroll to the bottom as there is a surprise lurking!!

Day 1: From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower..... 

Check out my arty modern pyramid meets period arch photo!

Inside the angles are just as amazing as is the light coming through from the pyramid

The Louvre is a place of culture, art, sculpture and amazing ceilings!! Both in the cafe (above) and in the art galleries (below)

I mean how awesome is that ceiling? The detail and the carvings - that one in particular was far more beautiful than the paintings hanging in the room! Some other rooms had amazingly freaky people crafted leaning out of them. The French royalty back in the day had strange ideas on bedroom ceilings!

Of course of the paintings were amazing - like this giant one that makes me look teeny tiny (that in itself is an amazing feat!) 

Onto the Eiffel Tower - I love this shot as you can see all intricate metal work it really is quite beautiful up close!

I also like it when it is all lit up (apologies for the terrible photo best I could do!)

Twinkly eh!

The view wasn't bad either from the very top (gosh the elevator was scary)

Day 2: Croissants and Notre Dame, fountains and Pompidou


I like this angle of Notre Dame as all the different shapes and towers combine it makes it look all spiky and sharp and so different from the regal curves of the main entrance.

Mr P and I by a fountain that had sphinxes on our way to the Pompidou centre

I really liked the modern lego feel of the Pompidou centre. Outside escalators are the way forward and at the top yet another amazing view of Paris!

Day 3: waking up to realise I'm engaged!

Yep you read that correctly. The gorgeous Mr P managed to shock me into silence (it's true!! I think he was shocked too by that) by proposing in Paris. On our last night, after being out late watching a band he popped the question in our hotel room and thus made clear why he had been acting like a loon all weekend - I thought he hated Paris - apparently he was waiting for the "perfect" moment. However too many tourists scuppered his original plans hence his moody "grrrr there's too many people" grumbles uttered at every landmark!

Me? I think it was just the most perfect proposal. For one thing I had no idea what was going on and didn't even understand the question to start with. And for another there was no chance of me dropping the ring off of the Eiffel Tower/down the Champs Elysee...

So this post is for you Mr P for asking me so nicely to be your wife and providing possibly the most gorgeous platinum diamond ring I have ever seen in my entire life.  

But most of all for managing to shock me as hand on heart not in a million years did I think he would propose in Paris but I'm so glad he did as now I have the most amazing memento of a fabulous weekend.  

Au revoir



  1. Yay for you and Mr P!!! :o) xxx

  2. Couldn't be happier for you both. You are a wonderful couple and amazing people separately. Happiness forever awaits!

    And I'm also very glad you loved my second home. Paris is magical - marvellous to see the magic rubbed off on you too! :)

    Soppy Shrew xxxxxx

  3. Aaah thank you LJ and Shrew am so loved up right now hehe x x

  4. Congratulations to your both, lovely way to end your stay in Paris.

    I guess you are heavily in to planning mode now... Wedding Filofax may be???

  5. I am late to comment but yay! Congratulations!!! Now we can all follow two sets of wedding plans!