Monday, 24 October 2011

A Boobylicious Bag....

Last week I was feeling a little sorry for myself and completely threw all my good work and ideals on the Fab Frugal no shopping challenge out of the window and cheered myself up with some retail therapy. I was feeling a tad down in the dumps after having a mole on my back removed. This turned out to be far more painful than I'd expected and resulted in 5 stitches and due to it's location the inability to wear supportive undergarments for a couple of weeks (this part of the saga is still ongoing!)

Needless to say I felt INCREDIBLY self conscious at my lack of lady support up top - I can hand on heart say that being a relatively busty lady flapping my way down the street and in the office was not something I was looking forward to. Thankfully Marks and Spencer's saved the day with their most amazing shape ware bodysuit - the only thing I could find with no bra fastening at the back - even those secret support vests just caused me pain! Grrrr

Anyhoo along with copious amounts of shape ware and vests I cheered myself up with another purchase, while less useful from a supporting the boobs department it has certainly made me feel just that little bit more well put together and less like a hippy ;o)

So here she is:

She is  a Betty Barclay Black at Debenhams leather bag so her name is of course Betty! With 3 roomy compartments, several little pockets and both short crook of the arm handles and a long shoulder/cross body strap she really is a gem!

Really soft leather and the size - large enough to fit text books and iPad for my current studies as well all the usual stuff I carry around...I'm in love! So to give you an idea of the size here is the gorgeous Deco making an appearance and stealing the show:

Now it would appear that I really do carry around far too much stuff on a day to day basis but thankfully with the pockets and separate areas I can (usually) find everything!!

So what exactly is in there?

Well today was a relatively light day!
  • Purple notebook that I'm using for key questions/thoughts on my assignment for my course
  • My house keys with my gorgeous L keyring from Tiffany in New York by Elsa Peretti
  • My beautiful Ted Baker purse a gift from Mr P
  • Deco Filofax also a gift from Mr P
  • A folding hairbrush/mirror
  • Tissues/ibuprofen/wet wipes/earphones/cereal bar
  • New blue Pilot Frixion - I am loving this new (to me) shade of blue!
  • Lipgloss, pencil case, iPad camera memory card adaptor, smints, hand cream and anti bacterial gel both by Soap and Glory and therefore both smell yummy
  • Make up bag, glasses case, leopard print reusable shopping bag and a new packet of anti shine sheets complete the line up!
Quite often a book and my iPad plus 1 or more magazines are also lurking in there - soon to be joined by gloves (um hello I get it that summer is over but did it have to get quite so cold so quickly?) And of course usually my iPhone 4S as well. Mr P hates delving into my bags for any reason I think he fears loosing some fingers on the monsters that could lurk at the bottom, but I love big bags. How about you? Are you a big bag girl?

I do love reading these posts on other blogs so I hope you enjoyed mine



  1. Ooh, liking this one. So nice to see a bag with decent compartments. xxx

  2. I like this bag! I thought I carried a lot of stuff, but it doesn't seem like it after seeing what's in yours. ;)

  3. I really like this bag I wonder if they still sell them