Sunday, 2 October 2011

Guest Post: The Great German Train Robbery

So I have a guest poster! This is VERY exciting for me as it is my first guest post writer (aside from the lovely Mr ) and most exciting it is all about her AMAZING Filofax collection I think you are going to enjoy this....over to LJ...

First time blogger alert…

Well, here goes for my first ever posting courtesy of the wonderful lou lou.

Having spent an evening with her and spending a fair portion of said evening discussing our shared love of Filofax and stationery I was encouraged to write a post about my A5 Finsbury which I use for work, however I have a far more pressing post to write… the Great German Train Robbery – what bargains! What wonderful delights could I get my sticky little mitts on…?

I had to wait a while for the delivery as I am based in Switzerland and Filofax Germany don’t deliver here – which is very strange as it’s just across the border and the UK can deliver to here with no problem.

Thankfully my friend Sabine who I have now ‘enabled’ and is a pretty good ‘enabler’ herself already, although based in the same office as me, goes regularly to Germany to visit her parents, so we both put in pretty fabulous orders (suffice to say her parents were a little stunned when they saw the evidence of our addictions). So to my joy, my children’s joy and my man’s bewilderment, my new babies arrived on Monday… please get ready for a picture heavy post…

“What’s in the bag Mum?”

Filofaxes are beginning to get nervous…

It’s OK guys & girls, these are the last boxes xxx

Oops!!! Did I order more than I realised…?

A special thankyou for my little boy, Christopher, for helping with the photos (and for letting me include his black pocket Metropol in the line-up, along with his little brother’s green pocket domino complete with fairy on the front)

Teasing shot… even more effective than chocolate wrappers 

A4 Logic in red, bought purely for practical purposes, but is actually really, really nice…

Personal Fresco – check out the inserts on this baby!!!

Ooh – this doesn’t look like a FF box…

Personal Panama in maroon – so lovely. Quote of the day came from Christopher when I handed it to him to look at and Marcus (littlest chap) tried to take it off him immediately “No Marcus, I haven’t even smelled it yet!!!” That came after his comment from smelling the first of the leather FFs “Mummy, it smells just like your purple one!” – (my personal Finchley which he has only had the pleasure of holding once before). Clearly my children are learning about the finer things in life

Pocket Finchley in soft jade

Finchley travel wallet in pink

Mini Topaz in pale blue

Personal Piazza in sunflower – I was really looking forward to receiving this one, super bright yellow and completely different from any of my others, so was rather disappointed to see that it’s not actually the same colour as a sunflower. I am considering giving this one away as a present, but am not sure if I can bring myself to give away a Filofax…

Topaz wallet in green – with fabulous space for cards and bits and pieces

Pocket Finchley in teal

Mini Topaz in red

The Filofax family

And finally – proof that not all the Filofaxes are mine…

I hope you like the photos – thankfully I didn’t include all 56 photos that we took yesterday, I thought there would only be so many boxes and teasing shots that anyone would want to see

And thank you Miss L for introducing me to the wonders of Filofax earlier this year – please don’t introduce me to the joys of expensive jewellery or anything, I think one obsession is enough for my wallet – LOL x

So there we go, thank you to LJ and her first Filofax blog post - now if I can just get her to write one all about her faboosh A5 diary/to do pages that she designed herself I'll be even happier Lx


  1. Cheers for letting me post on your lovely blog. The A5 blog and photos are going onto my list to do, though you know how big that list is. However, as this is FF related (and thereby educational you understand), this be will be placed pretty near the top of my list :-)

  2. A4 Logic is nice but why it has to be so heavy *sigh*.