Saturday, 3 December 2011

December already?

I've been a very lax blogger again work/study and for a change lots of social life things have taken all the time out of November. But I'm very excited to have discovered the Blogger app on the iPhone! Blogging on the move when I have a free minute GENIUS!!!

So a wee update on life at Chez Louloudorset recently...

I've been to Alton Towers, seen Stephen Merchants stand up tour, been considering my set up for 2012 and which Filofaxes I'm using for why - I feel a change is needed for my work and study management. Plus of course we are planning a wedding!!!

I've sort of started my Christmas shopping and its only 41 sleeps until we fly to Canada for our skiing holiday (eek)

With an assignment due in on Monday and full weekend of school starting the next module on Analysis and Decision next week it's a hectic time!!

However there have been several things that have got me through the month...

1. My new Clarks knee high, flat brown boots. Super comfy, really practical, look gorgeous and as they came in wide leg fitted perfectly around my chunky calves - plus I got cash back of £7!!

2. Top cash back - I'm new to the whole cash back idea but it's amazing! Getting money back on things I was buying online anyway = genius!!!

3. Rimmel 60 second nail polish. I hadn't tried this until last week and it's amazing. It really does dry that quick and even through because I'm wearing a dark plum colour it needed 2 coats it looks amazing. Mega bargain too!!

4. My new iPhone 4S. I'm still in love with this upgrade. The screen is so much clearer, the processing so much quicker and I love Siri if only for the comedy factor hehe

5. And finally my new study area that Mr P set up for me in our spare room and where I will be spending the entirety of this weekend!! My gorgeous girlie noticeboard helps keep me inspired and having all my study bits all in one place is so much easier than having to cart them around the house all the time.

So everyone ready for Christmas??? My next mission will be to convince Mr P it's time to get the decorations out of the loft - not sure I'm going to win that one yet though.....



  1. Ready for Christmas? Not me - I did try though. Missing Rimmel - would really like some 60 second stuff in a grey/blue colour for winter - may have to speak nicely to Mr Mattingly ;-)

  2. You are fab. party queen last night student today!