Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Notable Obsessions....dum dum dum da de dum da de dum

Me in Vegas with Darth Vader and Boba Fett
So as you may know if you read my blog I am a little lot obsessed with stationery - Filofax, Post Its, notebooks, pens, pencils...the list is endless. Maybe it is because I am a September child when going back to school meant new stationery and my birthday so therefore presents! Or possibly I'm just one of those geeky people who loves paper more than anything, I mean choosing nice cards and gift wrap is a key part of the gift giving process don't you agree?

Anyhoo for Christmas I was very lucky and received a fantastic gift from my bestie M the Moleskine large Star Wars notebook...

I had been coveting this and it's sister version since I saw them seeing as I am a) the biggest Star Wars nerd (and my gorgeous fiance bought me episodes 4-6 on Blu Ray for Christmas as well - geek heaven!!!) and b) I love Moleskine notebooks. Look how gorgeous they all are:

Image from The Paperie
The large book that I have is just slightly larger than a personal Filofax size (or is 13x21cm if we want to be precise) and looks like so:

Side by side with the Personal Deco

End to end with the Deco

Underneath the Deco (yep it is gratuitous Amethyst Deco shots once again!!)

Note the Star Wars book is still in its shrink wrap!

And here in lies my dilemma....the sad, tragic nerd that I am I can't quite bring myself to open the plastic wrap for fear of damaging the notebook (tragic I know). I'm currently debating buying another one from The Paperie (AMAZING site - if you haven't checked it out you should do so and no I don't get paid for saying that I just find their site full of the most gorgeous items - be warned though it is very difficult to leave without spending a fortune - my current basked total that I'm browsing is £67!!!)

In that basket I have a duplicate of the Christmas Star Wars notebook, one each of the two Star Wars designs in pocket plus a Lamy Safari pencil in charcoal, a Lamy fountain pen that is on sale, an Emma Bridgewater notebook that I'm planning on using as a journal in 2012, some notecards and a Moleskine Style Journal as I want to try and improve my work outfit co-ordination in 2012 (more on that and general 2012 resolutions, Christmas updates coming soon dear neglected blog readers).

Anyway (as always I'm rambling!) is it total madness to want to order these notebooks and keep them in pristine condition and not use them? Am I actually going bonkers? What will I be saving them for? A world apocalypse? Not sure they will actually be that useful unless there is indeed a sonic pule all money is rendered useless and the geeks take over and rule the earth...maybe then they will be key bartering goods that will secure safe passage in the new apocalyptic landscape....! OK not so likely but it could happen (or maybe it is too much Big Bang Theory and coffee....)

But for some insane reason I just can't bring myself to strip the plastic off this stunning Star Wars number in case they sell out and I can't get any more, I mean it is limited edition and I am OBSESSED with Star a notebook in the drawer really worth 2 in the hand????

So dear readers what should I do? Should I order a "spare" to use so that I can keep one pristine? And if I do use one what should I use it for? It needs a noble purpose I can't just use it for shopping lists (wouldn't be able to tear out any of the pages for a start!!)

Would I look deranged if I use a Star Wars notebook as my wedding planner journal? (Will Mr P actually want to marry me if I do???) Can I justify the spend on buying more notebooks I may never use but just keep "safe"? After 4 days indoors over Christmas break maybe it really is time for me to leave the house.........




  1. You definitely need to get a spare of each to use as you NEED to keep these stunning limited editions in pristine condition - there is nothing wrong with that!!!

    Although there may be something wrong with keeping the protective plastic cover on the clasp of the Deco until photoshoot time, and then not being able to leave it off afterwards...

    The Paperie - not seen that one before, time to go browsing I think...

    Although now David Popely has advised the one life one filo thing (and to be fair it does look as if it could work for me - or maybe 2), I may be needing less stationery... surely that is just very wrong... and I really want to try Moleskin too at some point... so many systems/looks, so little time...


  2. Lol, you are bonkers. Also, we are scarily alike. I was watching the digitally remastered original Star Wars yesterday. I say use the notebook. It's daft to keep a pristine notebook. It needs to be used and loved! I see nothing wrong with using a Star Wars notebook as a wedding notebook either!

  3. Hi LJ glad you think I need the spares and it's not just me being nuts. Although not sure I'm keen on your needing less stationery idea eesh!!!! Can't wait to see your Deco photos!!

    Millie haha yep I'm bonkers and I think it could become the wedding book - I think that's cool even if it's a typical bride planner lol