Monday, 11 April 2011

Pledging my knees

I've been following the blog Where Are My Knees for a wee while now. It is a blog full of ladies who are aiming to make healthier lifestyle choices, whether to loose weight, improve their fitness or just to be consuming more good stuff than bad.

And finally this weekend reading this blog kicked my (ever growing) butt into gear. I've dallied with diets and fitness fads my whole adult life. From trying Slim Fast shakes (actually the chocolate one not so bad) while helped me slim down 9 years ago to a size 10 (this was gulp 4 stones ago...) and the past few months have not been so great so I've consumed more rubbish than vegetables and fruit and gotten a bit bigger.

However I'm lucky in that when I expand I expand in proportion and as my curves get bigger (as do the boobs and bum) I don't get large in one area or look wonky (if you know what I mean)

However it is not healthy to be so far above the "healthy weight chart" my BMI is not as good as it should be and frankly I hate feeling like the "big" one when I'm with my group of friends.

So inspired by the Where Are My Knees ladies I have pledged the following:

1) Loose a stone before Glastonbury festival swings around (11 weeks)
2) Exercise 3 times per week (gym, long walk, dancing etc etc)
3) Eat my 5 a day and reduce the junk from my diet

Gulp. There it is in black and white.....I'll keep you posted