Saturday, 9 April 2011

Happy 30th Splucy

Today is the 9th of April, a relatively standard day in the calendar. It is not a bank holiday, or a Saints Day or any kind of "special" day in the UK really - well Prince Charles did marry Camilla on this in 2005 according to this BBC site and it is allegedly Rachel "S Club" Stevens birthday as well. (Yep despite google it is a slow event day clearly!)

The 9th of April also however marks the 30th month that Mr P and I have been officially dating. This may seem lame to count months but with everything we have been through over the past few months each and every milestone counts. In other money it means we have been boyfriend/girlfriend for 2 1/2 years....

So here are 30 facts about me, him, life in general to mark this very important day
  1. Mr P's real name is Steve. He is one of a huge batch of Steve's currently in my life hence the nicknames as with my boss, consultant at work, colleague, friend's boyfriend, another friend's boyfriend for starters all being called Steve it can get a tad confusing
  2. One of our friends nicknamed our home Splucy's - this is an amalgamation of his initials with the SP and my name Lucy. It stuck because it sounds funny. And helps for everyone to know which Steve's house we are talking about (see point 1)
  3. We have different superhero style traits eg he has perfect 20:20 vision and I am blind as a bat without my specs or contact lenses
  4. And he is the Mr Tidy to my Miss Messy
  5. While he is a computer IT nerd I am the bigger geek with a (huge) passion for sicifi and cult TV
  6. I am as you know a massive paper diary fan while Mr P is the epitome of digital calendars storing everything on his Google calendar which is synced across mobiles/ipads/laptops etc
  7. Mr P shares his birthday with my Mum - handy for remembering
  8. While Mr P's Mum's name is my middle name - getting spooky eh!
  9. We have a shared passion for live music and love many of the same bands including the Foo Fighters, the Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers amongst others
  10. When Mr P and I moved in together he could only cook oven ready dinners or lasagna. This repertoire has increased to include many Mexican dishes (chili, fajitas, enchiladas, Mexican sausage and rice) he has done a chicken wrapped in bacon tea once and also makes a mean Thai curry
  11. We both love vodka and coke on a night out as our tipple of choice
  12. We both agree that while we adore the original Star Wars trilogy (episodes 4, 5 & 6) George Lucas should never have made the terrible first 3
  13. We both hate sprouts
  14. Mr P can't understand why I need more than one pair of shoes/handbags/filofaxes
  15. While I don't understand why he owns 4 guitars
  16. Mr P only eats tomato ketchup with sausage rolls - nothing else - ever that I've seen. Weird no?
  17. On our first date we met for a drink (thinking dinner would be painfully long if we didn't get on) but had such a giggle that it lasted until 2am!
  18. I always wanted a Millennium Falcon when I was little and wanted to grow up to be a spaceman on Star Trek
  19. When Mr P was small he loved riding the toy trains at a local amusement park (which is sadly no longer there) and wanted to be a train driver when he grew up
  20. We are both addicted to Facebook if only to sigh longingly at other people's exciting lives while we hibernated/recuperated this winter
  21. Mr P went to his first Glastonbury Festival last year and despite believing he would hate it loved it so much he's going again this year!
  22. If you add our ages together you get 68 - so technically if we were a Splucy we could retire!
  23. Mr P is actually Cornish but lives in Dorset
  24. I was born in Essex but live in Dorset (well you would if you could eh!)
  25. Mr P thinks I have appalling taste in music when I put my ipod on (Britney/Kylie/J Lo and The Wanted he despairs at especially)
  26. Until recently I had never watched Spaced - this is an absolutely awesome TV show shame it only ran for 2 series
  27. When I moved in with Mr P I said he had to get Sky Plus otherwise I just couldn't do it (I can't be doing with freeview no SciFi channel!!) He said fine but it had to be HD (he of the posh flat screen HD ready telly box) so we really were made for each other!
  28. The first time I had a sleepover at Mr P's there were no lampshades anywhere in the house. This soon changed, we now have the full range of soft furnishings - cushions, throws, lamps and lampshades just a rug and blinds to go
  29. Despite being an IT geek my boy only has an iPhone because he had my 3G cast off when I upgraded to 3GS (he's avidly waiting for my upcoming upgrade to iPhone 4 so he can also upgrade as well)
  30. And finally: Mr P I am happy to state is my soul mate; we have lots of fun (mate) and he's got soul (well he does play in a band hahaha)
So there we have it, 30 moderately interesting facts about me, Mr P and Splucy's. Now where's that vodka and coke for a celebration?



  1. Bless you both, sounds like a match made in heaven :-) hugs and kisses to both of you xxx

  2. Well done to both of you. From yet another Steve....!!

    Why does he have 4 guitars... ??? In the same way... why do I have so many Filofax organisers... it's a question you don't ask.

    Steve... the Philofaxy one!

  3. Congrats to your 30 month milestone!

  4. Congratulations! Mr P always sounds so lovely and you appear to be so happy together. I wish you many many more months of bliss. Also all the little quirks like matching names, sharing birthdays makes me feel you were meant to be together. How romantic :-)

  5. Thank you all - a self indulgent but highly fun post to write that one :)we had a lovely weekend in some Spring sunshine. Bliss x