Sunday, 3 April 2011

Midsomer Spring Clean..

As I write this it is glorious sunshine outside (yes there is a lot of grey cloud too hey it is still Britain) and it really does feel like Spring has sprung. There is some kind of red flower peeking out of the weeds in the garden (I am not a horticulturist in any sense of the word) and a feeling of hopeful excitement is reverberating around my little home.

Firstly as I've mentioned the lovely Mr P is on the mend now, albeit with what is likely to be an awesome scar where they had a good poke around checking out any leftover cells, touch wood, future planning has re-commenced with a vengeance. I mean we even paid for our Glastonbury Festival tickets today - lucky enough to secure them when they went on sale last year it wasn't certain that we would be able to go until recently - now confirming those really does make me feel like life is beginning to start again.

Apart from a stinking cold that I have managed to catch (I'm guessing a very unfairly timed, post most stressful time ever now over, large germ outbreak) which meant no going out partying with lovely friend M and instead sleeping on the sofa imbuing sinus relief like it is going out of fashion!

I did however venture out yesterday with Mr P in town (such a good anti shopping device he is too, no chance of spending all my pennies with him out with me) mainly for cold & flu relief (for me) and waterproof dressing (for him) and snuck in a coffee with our friend R and when we bumped into her man S she and I nipped into Monsoon quickly while P & S caught up. One swift purchase later and I am the proud owner of a new blue party frock suitable for another friend's 30th birthday dinner that we have coming up next week.

This is fantastic for many reasons:
  1. Have not seen said birthday friend for AGES so will be lovely to catch up
  2. This dinner will mark our return to the social scene - OK maybe that sounds a little too Jane Austen but it will be our first proper outing since Christmas (seriously cancer is a bugger at derailing your social life)
  3. For said outing we are off to a bistro in Midsomer Norton - I grew up near here so I know it isn't BUT I love the name of this village/market town as it sounds like it should be featuring in Midsomer Murders (an ITV1 slow paced crime show which when it used to be on of a Sunday evening 8-10pm I would watch religiously safe in the knowledge that I would be fast asleep before the end therefore never finding out actually whodunit!!)
  4. It requires dressing up - not in formal wear but not in combats/t-shirt that has been my usual Friday night dress for months now.
  5. I can wear ridiculously high shoes with said new frock safe in the knowledge that there is to be no walking miles or clubbing (we are in Midsomer remember) so the members of my beautiful but hideously painful shoe collection finally get to be dusted off for a change!
I've also spent time doing some cleaning/tidying/attempting to iron this weekend (well not actually ironed yet but I am planning to this evening while Lewis is on TV - which also means I can lust after the spires of Oxford again which is handy as in a few weeks Mr P and I are off there for a weekend for a family party.

Of course as ever I'm attempting to avoid the lure of shopping for new Filofaxes (still wanting an personal Deco................) but just about staying on the straight and narrow. In fact, as a distraction, I'm going to finish setting up the A5 Aqua Chameleon, blog post coming soon!

So what has everyone else been up to?


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  1. Enjoy your friend's party. I am so happy for you and Mr P that you can start planning for a very fun rest of the year after all that you had to go through. Seems city organiser has a great deal on Decos! Can you hold off?