Friday, 9 March 2012

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes........

Maria Carey's shoe closet...bigger than my house? I think so!! Image from here

Warning, this is a post purely about shoes. Mr P you need read no more, nothing to see here. Honest ;0)

So it struck me this week that either I'm getting (a lot) older or Clarks shoes are getting far more funky. This has come about as I'm currently in love with about 5 pairs of sandals in my local store...Clarks for those who don't know are a shoe manufacturer and retailer that started off based in Somerset and were the compulsory brand for school shoes. I cannot tell you the suffering over the years enduring flat, brown, basket style sandals will haunt me forever. We even went on a school trip to their factory to see how these shoes were made!! (no trips to Alton Towers for my somerset school no siree it was shoe factories and the ballet - can you tell it was an all girls school??)

Anyway as usual I've gone off track, back to the point of this post! It was while I was out at lunchtime one day this week running some errands that I popped into my local Clarks branch, lured in by the summery window display. It was all sunshine and beaches and smiling tanned models wafting around flaunting their cool shoes instead of being like me in a chilly, grey, miserable mid work week wearing cosy boots...Once indoors I spotted all these beautys...and it was lust at first sight. I'm a sucker for a bright summery shoe, and if there's a wedge involved then I'm all over it. Being a midget I love a good bit of wedge action - makes me considerably taller but I can still walk without being crippled after 5 steps!

Now with an average price tag of £55 a pair these are not cheap shoes - certainly not compared to New Look/Debenhams/even Marks and Spencer BUT they are generally very good quality in my experience and they're just so pretty!!

Yellow shoes of joy

Ickle wedge = comfy, funky straps = cool

Super red flowery loveliness

Gorgeous daytime sparkle anyone?

The ultimate wedge?

Of course I'm on a shopping bag (of sorts) while I pay off my new car and the new barbie laptop plus save for a wedding so shoe shopping is not coming under my "essential only spending" mantra at the moment (apart from the yellow ones they are MUST HAVES surely???)

But then I can always reply when Mr P asks "is that a new pair of shoes?" with "What? These old things? I've had them FOREVER they were just lurking in the back of my closet. Honest"

Although - blogging about them with pictures probably means he'll see through that ruse....Darn it.

So dear readers are you feeling spring like with your wardrobes yet? What do you think of my current shoe lust list? Can you think of any justifications for a new shoe purchases? Or can you help me reign in my shopaholic tendancies?



  1. Yay, a shoe post! My excuse for new shoes is the wedding! I'm (im)patiently waiting for the gorgeous red heels I've ordered to wear for the ceremony (blog post to come as soon as the darn things arrive) and I'm going to be purchasing a pair of red flats to wear for the reception and dancing!

    Depending on your colors/style for the wedding, those yellow pumps could be fab!!!

  2. Ooh red shoes, I love red shoes. And coloured wedding shoes are you read only I'm OBSESSED with several of their wedding features where the brides have turquoise and fuschia shoes!!! Can't wait to see the bridal shoes soon :)

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