Sunday, 11 March 2012

Deco vs Enigma....chunky monkey Folifax

So as anyone who reads my blog/knows me knows I am totally obsessed with Filofax - and especially my Deco that I have been faithfully using since September last year when the super lovely Mr P managed to track down an Amethyst version for me.

And it has been perfect. Plenty of room, lots of little pockets, card slots, zipper and popper versions. Smooth suede interior, sumptuous leather exterior....sigh. It really is the Queen of the range in my opinion.

However as jam packed as I like to stuff my Filofax I cram even more into my day to day handbag....from pens, mobile, hand sanitiser, hand cream, Kindle, shopping bags, spare contacts lenses, a make up bag (I get to work v early so it's Face-On when I get there) the list is endless!!!

But twice this week I've caught myself cramming more in on top of my Deco and seeing things catching the gorgeous clasp and leather strap. Now don't get me wrong I don't think I'm being less careful or taking her for granted (she barely has a scratch or wear patch on her I'll have you know) but I think with how much I have in her and how hectic life is at the moment I'd rather switch to using a binder that's more robust/less precious.

And that's where my dilemma comes in. Not which binder to use, but the guilt factor over swapping out of the Deco! Tragic I know seriously but I'd hate Mr P to think that he wasted his money, or for Deco to think she wasn't loved anymore.

So I'm running an experiment for the week - out comes the Enigma that I won last year in a competition with Harpers Bazaar and into hibernation goes Deco. The Brindle (as I'm calling her as that's her colour description) is coated leather, smooth and soft but I don't think she'd scratch easily. Now opinion was divided over this style when she launched - I thought she looked lovely but Mr P's comments at the time mirrored others who called her "roadkill"....and she was free....

But she's been tucked away in the box since she arrived last November and apart from featuring in a blog post hasn't seen the light of day. Until now!

I've literally lifted all the contents of my Deco out and straight into Brindle and wowser chunky she seems now too!

But with no clasp, no foldable strips of gorgeous leather to worry about and the fact that she was free means I think Brindle and I will have an interesting week together as I put her through her paces.

The transfer in picture form ;0)

Chunky ol Deco vs the Enigma

Possibly too much in the Deco??

Front layout (note Eiffel Tower ticket from Paris weekend last year)

Empty Deco, sob

Hibernation cave time

The Enigma front layout transfered

Yep I fattened her up

A cute Filofax F on the popper clasp

So what do you all think? Still hate/love the Enigma? Think I'm making a huge mistake transferring out of the Deco??



  1. Cool that both of these have such similar pocket arrangements, and like the gusseted pocket in the Enigma better. But it really is frightful. Looks like a squashed snake. EEEK!

  2. I had exactly the same dilemma. I LOVE my Deco, but found that the clasp had started to scratch. I was mortified!!!! I ended up buying the pennybridge in purple. Now as gutted as I was that the deco was feeling neglected, she is now my home Filofax. As the pennybridge is a compact, I couldn't fit all of my things in there. So the deco holds little nick nacks and extra diary pages. Xx

  3. I am one of the few who loves the Enigma. If you ever want to part with her let me know!

    1. le Pennybrige ... ah ah ah... ! ... il est bien fait... mais cela reste du plastique.... !!! vous aimez l'énigma... moi aussi... vous avez bon goût... l'énigma, c'est .. le luxe, la beauté, la classe.. !!! et il est morderne également... je viens de le commander et je l'attends avec impatience... dans "le bazar" on en parle.... les finitions de l'énigma sont magnifiques, est en cuir...!!!

  4. I'm still not sure about the Enigma & think I'd need to have a good look round one in the flesh. Blimey, I think the award for the fattest filo must go to you! (never seen such full ones) Don't blame you for moving out of the Deco. I so nearly bought one when they were half price, but that clasp really put me off as I'd hate too to get it scratched.
    Squashed snake = LOL :)

  5. good luck with the Enigma. It really looks like a "squashed snake", hehe. So I vote for sticking with Deco, although the scratch issues I wouldn't know what to do either. :)

  6. I had forgotten that i had commented on this post last month, and was just googling enigma. as i said before i loved my deco beyond belief but had swapped to the compact pennybridge. i grieved for the deco and am now back with her. however, i ended up winning an enigma vermilion on ebay for a fantastic price and am awaiting her arrival today. gonna blog review it then use it for a week to see what i think to it and what other people think to it. xx