Sunday, 18 September 2011

The birthday Filofax reveal....part 1

Hello all and a very happy Sunday to you.

Now as some of you may know it was my birthday on Friday, yes I was indeed 21 again (ahem!) and I was lucky enough to receive lots of lovely gifts from all my fabulous friends and family...and Mr P of course, who took me totally by surprise with a new Filofax for my birthday.

Now bearing in mind this is the man who whinged about how much room the current collection took up, mocks my obsession regularly and thinks it's antiquated (but cute) that I'm so anti-tech with my diary system. So you could have knocked me down with a feather when I opened up the wrapping paper on this particular present and saw the Filofax gift box:

So what was inside that yummy black gift box I hear you cry? Well I opened up the lid and saw:

Can you guess what it is yet? So by this stage I am squeaking with mounting excitement I started opening up the tissue paper and found.......

Yes, that's right, only an Amethyst Deco! You know the amazing, limited edition Deco Filofax that is sold out Personal!!! The photos are rubbish I know but I was so excited I just had to show you all, look at that gorgeous clasp, the deep Amethyst colour, the luxurious printed leather...

And it truly is the most gorgeous Filofax I've ever seen let alone had the chance to hold in my mitts. And it's mine, all mine (cackle, cackle) so here in it's glory is the super new addition - cue lots of photos....

A first look inside

The diary pages ooh look see it's my birthday there

That super soft suede back pocket

And there is the pocket all open

So I'm off to play with the set up to make it just right to start using as my main Filofax (although it is too lovely really I think I need to research a little cloth bag for it to live in when bashing about in my handbag) more on that soon....

And as this wasn't the only Filofax I was lucky enough to get this birthday I've got another post to write about the other new gorgeous addition to the Filofax family here but that will have to be day so stay tuned...



  1. Gorgeous! Isn't 21 a great year? ;)

  2. Congratulations on your stunning filofax and on turning 21! hehe
    How are your classes going?

  3. Thank you Sandra it is lush and yep 21 is going to be a good year hehe

    CP I'm very spoilt aren't I he's such a sweetie. Had day 1 of the course on Saturday which was good although my head felt like it might explode after all day talking about emerging themes and big picture, industry impacting events and strategies. But I'm really looking forward to starting all the distance learning part of the course which should both benefit me at work but also is going to be so so interesting!


  4. Huuuuge congratulations, both on your birthday and of course on your gorgeous Amethyst Deco! Yay! As you know, I also have the same one. I guess that Cloth Bag, Tommes has been making, would indeed be a good idea.
    I also put some clear selfadhesive foil (used to cover books) over the clasp to protect it against scratches/scuffs. Since the Deco lays so flat, the clasp (especially the little knob) contacts the table when the binder is open.
    How is little Ivory feeling about the new arrival? Jealous at all?

  5. I reversed my age once I got to 50, therefore next year I'm 47 again...

    Hope you had a great birthday and what a great present... well done Mr P

  6. awesome! congrats to you and happy belated birthday!

  7. Hi everyone thank you for the bithday wishes, I really did have a lovely birthday weekend (well at my age you have to make the most of it I say)

    Jotje ickle Ivory is very much in awe of her new big sister but is enjoying having a close relative over to stay ;0) and that is a fab tip on the covering - I spent so much time lusting after the Amethyst over all Flicrs/blogs etc I think Mr P must have got fed up - he is still v smug about finding one and surprising me with it bless him I am a very lucky girl.

    Thank you Steve I may take on baord that tip

    And Snarling does it sound rude to say I know I have to pinch myself I really have a Personal Amethyst ;0)