Saturday, 24 September 2011

The birthday Filofax (es) Reveal....Part 2!

My Deco Family

So if you haven't already read I was lucky enough to receive an Amethyst Personal Deco for my birthday from the gorgeous Mr P (well normally gorgeous but today a little worse for wear after a work night out last night hehe) and while I blogged about it here the photos I took were terrible and really didn't show the beautiful true colour. So coming up are some more piccies of my new baby and some shots of how I've now set her up...WARNING very picture heavy post ;0)

A truer representation of the colour - gorgeous no?

Clasp close up - ooh and you can see my iPhone too!

Look at the gorgeous suede interior...
As you open up my Deco I have some key essentials like stamps and a couple of business cards. Then right at the front is my first clear open top pockets - I love these for storing cuttings, notes etc. In this one I have some Tesco sticky tabs (so so cheap!!), a Christmas party clipping for a venue we are thinking of using, and some magazine clipping of lustful items including a stunning red bag, leopard print belt:

Turning over the clear pocket....

Here I also have a clipping of this gorgeous Kurt Geiger purse - I don't need a new purse as I have a super cute Marc Jacobs one but the colour is so pretty so I clipped it with a view to birthday/Christmas presents for people (such a great price too!)

Next up we have the obligatory Filofax sticky notes holder - I treated myself to a new one last week in London (I am getting through tabs at a rate of knots now I'm studying hence the cheapy Tesco ones as well being in here!)

I will be registering Deco as soon as I finish this post!! Can't believe I haven't done that yet!

Some more business cards including my CIM membership card and the Prada gift card (you'll have seen that before - if not I can tell you -Yes it's in here just because it says Prada I am that shallow!)

Then we get to the planner section.....

 As always I'm using my favourite format the week on one page with notes. I really wish they did this a) in Cream and b) without all the multi languages, takes up so much room! But I do still love this layout - allows me to see the whole week, I can have lots of to dos, remembers, lists on the right hand page and I have the dinky month dates in the right hand page bottom left! I've tried many other but this is still my fave!

Super cute post-it marking the start of 2012
So after the 2011 planner comes the start of 2012. This is the start of my Things I Want to Do in 2012 list - not very big so far but I'm sure I'll be padding it out soon!!

I'm currently using a month on two pages format for 2012 - this allowed me to start planning in key dates but not have all the room in Filo sucked up with 2012 stuff. I'll change over to week on one page format at the start of 2012 (I've bought the Cream week on one page and some cream to do sheets to create my own hack of Cream week on one page with notes - not sure if it will work but I'm road testing it in my study Filo - post on that coming soon!)

Look at me I'm going Skiing!!!

Behind my Projects tab are all my notes about Paris (less than 2 weeks and counting) plus lots of lists of books/movies/games etc that I want to read/watch/play:

Behind notes I have lots of blank paper, blank to do's and some rough notes. Behind the information tab I have lists of spin classes, holiday time booked off from work and remaining days available, Christmas party planning information, websites etc etc

The Financial tab currently doesn't have anything behind it....I need to be far more up to date with CP's Fab Frugal I've been very lax!

I have no address information in there yet that's all stored still in the Malden (will fix that now)

Another clear pocket at the back - this time with a clipping of some tiles (how cute are they!!) plus my Filofax stickers, London underground map, Take That concert ticket from the summer and hole reinforcers. The 10 Ways is a magazine article on how to de-clutter your mind and focus on the task in hand - something that is key for me now I'm juggling work and studying.

Finally several gratuitous shots of the suede pocket and close ups of the Amethyst leather - sighs at the beauty...

So there we go, my Amethysts Deco all set up and working beautifully. Now to download the pattern for the Filofax protective felt bag done by Thomas which is just as fabulous as it is practical, to make sure I don't wreck her in my ginormous handbag of doom!!


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  1. "ginormous handbag of doom" LOL!! This is awesome! I think I'll try the wo1p w/ notes for 2012. Just wish they didn't take up so much room with languages1
    Great post, can't wait to see your felt bag for it :D