Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Where Are My Knees Update (otherwise known as oops falling off the diet waggon)


So ages ago I wrote this post (11th April to be precise) about the fabulous Where Are My Knees blog and being inspired by these gorgeous ladies to be a bit better and healthier with my lifestyle. I figured with it now being July (tomorrow) it was about time for an how have things gone after making my lofty ambitions public knowledge?

Well, badly would sum it up original goals were as follows:

1) Loose a stone before Glastonbury festival swings around (now over cue very sad face)
2) Exercise 3 times per week (gym, long walk, dancing etc etc)

3) Eat my 5 a day and reduce the junk from my diet

Well of these I have lost a couple of pounds but not the 14 I was aiming for....
I also haven't been exercising as planned, I have been to a Zumba class and loved it so need to go back again and I am doing the parking further away and walking to the office bit so that is I must have walked miles and miles and miles at Glastonbury Festival (although I guess the cider will counteract any good that did!)
As for the diet, it's been very hit and miss frankly. I have been eating more fruit and veg but not enough by any means to be classed as a healthy diet!!
I have been attempting to use the Pocket Fitness App - which while fab and clever just depresses me more than anything as it feels like I can't eat or drink anything. Much prefer my Slimming World plan where it is simple - eat this, limit this and count these...much much easier and I don't feel like I'm being deprived (or starved!)
So, time for a new set of goals
1. Saturday 6th August is Glastonbury Extravaganza where I am going with lots of family and friends and that is 5 weeks away. If I aim for a 2lb a week loss that would be 10lbs...I do like nice easy maths and that would certainly make me feel much better (and hopefully reduce the old bingo wings down a tad)
2. It is *gulp* my 34th birthday in September (eek I'm getting old...did I say 34 I meant 24 obviously) so that is time goal number 2 - 11 weeks from now (and therefore another 6 on from GE) means I should - based on my 2lb a week goal - manage to shift by then a total of 22lbs or 1.5 stone (yep I used a calculator for that one and yep this includes the 10lb mentioned above!)
3. Then the next one would be Christmas party season so another 12 weeks on from my birthday brings us to mid December ready for my Work Do - now another 12 weeks at 2lb would mean 24lbs BUT bearing in mind my birthday, our anniversary, a potential Paris trip and other bits and pieces (and the fact that my track record ain't so hot) I'm going to aim for 14lb so another stone and an average of 1.2lbs per week...
If I achieve all of these goals that would be a whopping 2.5 stone - and that would be AMAZING!!!
So wagon nice to see you again - let's become friends again and please get me motivated to:
a) Move my arse
b) Be more selective about my food/beverage choices (cider off the menu for a while, vodka and diet coke in)
c) Be focused, stay positive and enjoy being a tad healthier to my insides :)
I'll keep you posted.......


  1. i have fallen off the diet wagon after losing half a stone - finishing uni means lots of alcohol (pints of cider are the WORST, arent they?!) and fatty celebratory meals, so i have piled the pounds back on! now i have moved back home i am 100% back committed to getting rid of my big bottom.

    good luck! keep us updated! xxx

  2. Good luck, you look amazing whatever happens. I was saying the other day that I want to have ripped abs for the first time in my life- I'm 37, maybe the mid-life crisis has set in a bit early, I think I'm becoming delusional, but it could have been worse, I could have said I was aiming for skinny thighs - even I know that one's never going to happen!!! My problem isn't so much what I eat (although it really doesn't help), more the fact that I'm just naturally a lazy cow :o) I need to find the motivation from somewhere...

  3. I feel off the diet wagon, too! And, it has been really hard to jump back on it. Today is good as any to restart. I really your mini goals! I plan to get a *small* goodie with every 5 pounds. Keep us posted, and good luck!

  4. Hi guys sorry it's taken me so long to reply I've been trying - last week I finally went shopping and stocked up on the core fruit and veg essentials and was pretty good.

    Did have a winner when I stepped on the scales at home and found I only weighed 7 stone!! Shame that means I've lost nearly half my body weight (or the scales are malfunctioning!!)

    I am staying focused (ish) though and feel v positive this week plus I've got the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD to try out so I'll let you know how I get on