Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Typical Lou lou behaviour.....

I'm obsessing about a handbag. Well it makes a change from the Amethyst Deco Filofax! I'm obsessing over the Modalu Bristol handbag in Shark. Why am I obsessed with this bag so much? Because it's out of stock EVERYWHERE!

Which makes half of me think eesh why would I want one anyway? But the other half of me sees it as a challenge to track one down and make it mine.

And the reason this particular bag from this relatively low key brand has sold out everywhere? Because it is the tote bag that Pippa Middleton, the Royal bridesmaid who has recently been catapulted into the limelight after that wedding. Now it's not because Pippa has the bag that I want it, I saw it a few weeks ago while perusing the John Lewis bag department and did that classic "ooh you're lovely but I don't need you, especially for £149" so I was good, put the bag down and walked away. But of course it has been playing on my mind so I went to have a lookysee thinking that by now I'd have changed my mind (I'm quite a fickle sort sometimes) and that is when I found I couldn't buy one even if I did want one. Which of course meant I had to see if I could find one on a different site. But 2 hours of searching later and it really is true that the damn thing is sold out everywhere and I am now wondering how on earth I can cope without it in my life. I hate being told I can't do or have something it makes me all the more determined to make it mine (cue evil queen laugh).

But the big question is WHY???? Surely this is not the normal behaviour of a sane, ahem 30 something woman? In most areas of my life I'm organised and methodical but when it comes to accessories (bags, Filofaxes, scarves, earrings......) I have a real week spot. Perhaps because you can never have a fat day with your handbag!!

Anyway as much as I am currently lusting over this bag and despite phoning around several John Lewis stores I am not going to pre order this bag because I can imagine when it finally reappears in August no doubt I'll have moved my affections onto some other item or if I can just hold my resolve and avoid online shopping. Wish me luck


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  1. Don't worry I have a lot of the same weaknesses. Maybe it is a good thing that the bag has now sold out as you dont want to be like everyone else! And the 'shark' is the nicest colour in that design. I am sure something nicer will come out!