Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Loulou's Lunchtime Rant

OK so normally I'm a relatively calm and easy going person but today I'm having a rant. Why? Because nipping out this lunchtime to run a couple of errands and grab some lunch has today been a royal pain in the derriere! The office I work in is based in the very centre of the town right near shops and amenities. Very handy for catching up on all those itty bitty things you need to do on a daily basis. But working in a seaside resort, in summer, when it is sunny, often it turns out to be more trouble than it's worth running these errands. Take today for example:

1. A trip to Boots Opticians to pick up contact lenses ordered by the optician after my appointment on Friday. Firstly, um hello its lunchtime staff might be good? After waiting nearly 10 minutes before being acknowledged the most unhelpful assistant simply said that today's order had come in but until someone sorts it out she can't help me. And should she ring me later. Seeing as these lenses should have arrived yesterday this is poor. So when I said no as I can't just nip out to pick things up I do work for a living could I have a couple more lenses as I'd run out of the new prescription you'd think I'd asked to scale Mount Everest. So yet another 5 minute wait later she finally came back with the replacements and said "thanks then" turned on her heels and left. Terrific customer service, not. Time to start seeking out a new opticians I think!! Oh and another thing, what has happened to Boots stocking sandwiches?? They used to be the go to place for good value sarnies, and didn't the invent the lunchtime "meal deal"? Not any longer a focus for our local store clearly as there is never anything left by 1pm!

2. Tesco's queues and lack of staff - um yep still lunchtime! What is it with the big stores today and thinking that no one would be shopping at lunchtime?? 2 tills open I mean sheesh. This was of course complicated by the extremely large number of doddery OAP's getting confused by the till system!

3. Cash machine's and using EVERY single card to see if I have any money people. While I can understand using a cash machine and not having any money (well the post shopping bug can strike anytime!) I really don't understand people who have 3 or more cards they need to check at the same time. I mean who has more than 2 current accounts??

However my lunchtime trip was cheered up by the sigh of a beautiful blue convertible sports car zooming down the hill. A lovely sunny day, Bournemouth Square - what's the first tune that comes to mind when cruising your car? Oh of course, N-Dubz. And people say Weymouth is chavvy I mean really?



  1. Shops open at lunch time... you should live in France!! Nothing apart from big super markets open at lunchtime. And nothing is open on a Sunday.

    Cash machines... they could be using their hoard of stolen cards !!!

    Hope your day ended better than it started.....


  2. Thanks Steve - one of e burdens of living and working in seaside towns is all the tourists in the summer. However the views more than make up for it I just need to be more patient :0)