Sunday, 31 January 2016

Starting Over...

Well hello there (if anyone is there...) it's been a mighty long time since I blogged here at Louloudorset and I'm not entirely sure why.

Partly life got very busy with the usual work and life demands, but I think mainly I just fell out of love with blogging. I didn't have anything I particularly wanted to say. And I definitely developed a strange obsession with YouTube (I do love a good "What's in my bag" video!) For a while now I've been thinking about my teeny tiny corner of the internet and thinking could I start again? Refreshed and with a new motivation could I start blogging about things I feel passionate about again? And if I did, what would those things be?

Well, I guess it is important to say I am 19 months away from hitting 40 (!) not entirely sure how that is looming so quickly as I'm sure I was only 30 a mere matter of minutes ago. And while I'm not overly phased (most of the time) about the number I am finding myself wondering if there is anyone else like me out there as I seem to be a bit of an anomaly...

I am a 38 year old woman who is very happily married, obsessed with her cat and infertile. Not in a gut wrenching depressive wailing way, in a it's just part of our life now way. Most of the time I feel incredibly blessed; I have an amazing husband, a great job, lovely friends and I get to sleep in on weekends. Occasionally I feel angry about it. And on a few instances, out of the blue, I have had a 5 minute emotional meltdown, that goes as quickly as it arrives. I am not jealous of friends who are on the parenting journey but overjoyed for them, especially when some have faced struggles themselves.

So who am I now? I love Filofax planners, am on my first month of a capsule wardrobe challenge (which I am loving by the way) am more than partial to a glass (bottle) of Prosecco or Rose and I am always at some stage of fitness kick/healthy eating regime/totally fallen of the wagon and eating all the cake scenario! With a passion for handbags, scarves and all things fashion when it comes to classic style updates I'm just your average woman trying to find a foundation that not only matches your skintone but also makes you look 10 years younger and can be applied at 6.30am while half asleep but still last all day!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the bit I find hard is that there don't appear to be many other women like me out there, or at least I've not managed to find ones that are open and writing about it on the internet.

As an avid blog reader I follow a lot of fashion blogs; Fashion Mum of 40, Does My Bum Look 40, and My Midlife Fashion are 3 of my favourites but all of these ladies are mums. Now obviously there's nothing wrong with this and the majority of what they write about is fashion related which I'm totally on board with. It just got me thinking, surely there must be other child free women out there flanneling on on the internet, and if not, why not?

So maybe (in a very long winded way) what I'm saying is that there could be a niche for someone like me to have a lifestyle blog that covers the alternative reality of being happy without a posse of children in tow. I know I'd love to find some more ladies like me so if I jump first maybe I'll find them?

Here's to 2016 and a fresh start, say hello to LoulouDorset, Lifestyle blog....



  1. Hello,
    Great to hear from you again. Yes my machine is still monitoring your blog and spotted this post whilst it was looking for new Filofax posts for Philofaxy!
    Looking forward to some new posts too.

  2. Woohoo so happy loulou is back! We all have a niche in that our lives and experiences are all different ad unique! I look forward to reading your journey along the way xo