Monday, 7 May 2012

Creating a zen like study space (or attempting to sort the clutter)

So I have been remiss in my blogging duties for quite a while now, instead of enjoying tapping away writing nonsense I have instead been tapping away on assignments and case study analysis....for those of you who don't know I'm studying for the CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing in my "spare" time away from work. The level of work and commitment to this course cannot be underestimated - since receiving the case study details (all 8- pages of them) I've barely seen Mr P as I scuttle home and stick my head straight into modelling matrices and pivoting data in the aim of creating a number strategies that depending on the information given in 3 weeks time in the exam may of course be completely useless...

So my deepest apologies any of my readers who remain, I have lots of blog post ideas just awaiting to be written from a review of the amazing diary formats created by Ray of and Steve to an updated Filofax family post...and a giveaway!!!

BUT that aside for now, despite today being bank holiday Monday I headed to my desk this morning only to be interrupted by a most vexed Mr P questioning just how one girl can have quite so many products in the bathroom...I do believe the words "do you need all this" and "why have you got so much" came out of his mouth - much to my chagrin. I mean hello, I'm a girl, I like to smell nice!!

So in an attempt to ensure our planned wedding day doesn't get cancelled due to my slovenly and product hoarding ways it was off to B&Q in search of shelving to add more storage in the girl cave (otherwise known as the spare room that used to be Mr P's domain)

After much cursing of traffic (him) and cursing of chavs (me) we chose our shelves - reasonable-ish Oak so that the alcove above my desk could be transformed into a shelving utopia.

Well it's not quite there yet, I need a massive spree in Muji/Ikea or more likely Tesco/WHSmiths for magazine box holders, storage boxes and filing.....ah the calm organised side of my Virgo nature sighs a happy sigh...

And as I've been reading lots of blog sites on organisation and storage solutions I have lots of colour co-ordinated storage ideas that I plan to steal be inspired by - I mean how gorgeous is this for example:

Image from the amazing blog IHeartOrgansing
So there we go, 5pm on bank holiday Monday:
Study - nil
New Shelves - 1

Time to crack open the textbooks again....


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