Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lackadaisical Loulou

So as you may have noticed I have appear to have abandoned my blog recently...I'm not entirely sure why I had lost my blogging mojo but for quite a while I've not had the ideas or the urge to write. I've been busy but no more than usual. Strange but it happens....but I'm back, brimming with ideas for posts and lots of questions, updates and discussions that I want and need your advice on.

So I'm very sorry for having been gone so long and if you are still out there keep your eyes peeled as there will be lots of posts coming along soon....But as a quick summary to what I've been up to over the past 6 weeks these are some of the things that have happened....

Mr P is all fixed and been given the (almost just waiting for official confirmation) all clear. BEST NEWS EVER. 

We've booked the infamous ski holiday to Canada for January (Eek) 

I've had my first skiing lesson on a dry slope and I didn't fall over!!!

It's only 6 weeks until our mini break to Paris (croissants, architecture and people watching - bliss)

It's only 3 weeks until my birthday!!! I get very over excited about birthdays especially mine....

I've signed up to start studying the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and will therefore be saying goodbye to any social life from the 17th September until next August......while scared I am very excited (and while the shopping embargo still stands) perhaps an A5 Filofax Flex could help the study plans along??? So I'm rereading any blog posts on how to use your Filofax for study plans..any links/recommendations do let me know in the comments I'm going to need all the help I can get!

I've rejoined Slimming World and so far lost 5.5lbs....and feel much better already for it.

And finally the shopping embargo...I've not bought any magazines, clothes (apart from 1 long black maxi skirt that is in a smaller size - see the point above - so was a weight loss reward purchase). No handbags, Filofaxes, costume jewellery...I have bought books though - cookery and school books mainly but a couple of fiction books (one of which was from a charity shop though) Overall though I do think CP and the fabulously frugal crew would be pretty proud of me!

So that's a brief recap, upcoming I have posts planned to show you my new work A5 Filofax set up using day on one page business inserts, what the new set up in my Vintage Rose Malden looks like plus a post on why I'm going back to school.

So how are you all? I've missed you


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